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Safe Use of Insulin online training

Over 170,000 learners have already taken our ‘Safe Use of Insulin’ Course

This course has been especially re-designed by our award winning design team to ensure that staff are only spending time completing training directly relevant to their job.

We know that learners’ time is at a premium, so this was one of the major considerations when we designed our new, improved course. Unlike lots of courses on the market, learners can just choose to focus on those areas that are important and relevant to them. These areas are broken down into 3 different modules:

Introduction to Insulin Safety: An Introduction for Everyone

Aimed at providing staff with an overall knowledge of Insulin usage and the core messages when it comes to Insulin safety.

Safe Use of Insulin: Prepare and Prescribe

Intended for employees who need to know how to supply and store Insulin safely, as well as understand the proper prescribing protocols.

Safe Use of Insulin: Administration

Specifically designed for personnel who need further information about administering protocols and the correct methods for treating Hypoglycaemia, as well as teaching patients how to safely self- manage their Diabetes.

Essential learning, made interesting” – Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Why Virtual College?

  • Course meets the needs of the NPSA alert

  • Created by subject matter experts who understand the full requirements of this mandatory training intimately
  • Regularly updated to meet changing requirements

  • Delivers an engaging and immersive learning experience

  • Tablet and iPad accessible
  • Provides simple and easy tracking and reporting

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