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Webinar - Increasing compliance rates

Webinar: How to increase compliance rates with effective online training

All health and social care organisations are facing growing pressure to evidence compliance in order to meet CQC requirements.

In this webinar Matthew Dickinson, e-learning consultant, explains how effective online mandatory training can significantly help small, medium and large organisations as he discusses:

  • How to choose the right online training for your organisation to meet mandatorty requirements
  • How to ensure an online training package is tailored to your organisation’s individual needs
  • How to effectively implement and embed online training and a culture of compliance

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About the host

Matthew Dickinson works for Virtual College as an e-learning consultant in the health and social care sector.

He specialises in online training to meet compliance requirements and in recent years has worked with a number of trusts, CCGs, hospices and care homes to ensure effective training implementations on small, medium and large scales.

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