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Kath Wilkinson - Nurse Consultant / Continence Service Manager Bradford District Care Trust Continence Service





Kath Wilkinson - Nurse Consultant / Continence Service Manager Bradford Distrcit Care Trust Continence ServiceCatheterisation is a procedure commonly performed by nurses and healthcare workers, unfortunately many care workers have not had recent training which leads to a lot of poor practice. It can be very difficult for some nurses especially in the private sector to leave the work place to attend study days and so we felt there was a real need for accessible, quick and cost effective training.

In the beginning we took all of our training material and best practice guidance to Virtual College and together we developed the Management of Urinary Catheterisation in Adults elearning course. The module is very comprehensive, it includes everything a catheterisation study day would cover. It of course shows the correct and safe catheterisation procedure, it looks at how to assess an individual, it looks at legal issue such as accountability and there is a large section on risk assessment and infection prevention.

With the number of mandatory training courses healthcare workers have to attend things like continence and catheter care often just get missed. The real beauty of elearning is that because it is so simple and fast and it can be done at anytime and anywhere that you have internet access, we now have many more people trained in catheter care than we otherwise would have. If someone is working in a nursing home on a night shift and they have half an hour they can log on, do part of the course and then maybe complete it on their next night shift.

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"The module re-enforced what I already know about the subject and gave useful additional info that will enable me to slightly adjust how I attempt my falls assessments.  I gained a few useful tips too which I will be able to pass on to my patients."

Janet Harrison
Falls and Fracture Prevention in Older People


"Thought this was fantastic and very good for refreshing or for new nurses in practice."

Charlotte Jones
Aseptic Techniques


"I was concerned about the audio as I am hard of hearing so I was glad that there were 'subtitles' for the audio component. And I liked being able to stop and start in my own time."

Alison Antrobus
The Safe Use of Insulin


"Really found this useful to raise my awareness of anaphylaxis as more and more patients do have allergies and we need to be aware and refresh on the management and plan of care."

Chris Wilkinson
Anaphylaxis Awareness


"Excellent module, easy to understand and good working examples."

Eraina Blackburn
Infection Prevention and Control

"The interactive nature of the module kept me interested and stimulated learning. I like the fact that I could make and keep notes if I wanted to."

Vicky Hewitt
Manual Handling Objects and People in the NHS

"Information packed and very helpful especially for our clients who were really in need of a way to assess urinary and bladder problems. THANK YOU VERY MUCH."

Daisy Filoteo
The Assessment and Management of Urinary Incontinence and Bladder Dysfunction in Adults


"Loved the system and module, just had a few technical issues but your admin team sorted them out very quickly."

Genni Hunt
Data Protection Essentails


"I was impressed that you actually showed the ways of insertion of both female and male catheters."

Angeline Hungwane
The Management of Urinary Catheterisation in Adults


"I thought the graphics and presentation of the module was fantastic and very easy to utilise. I also feel that the interactive activities throughout the module were really useful and help you to gain confidence that you were understanding the content. Thank you very much for allowing me to complete his course for free I feel a lot of people would gain a great deal of knowledge from completing this in future. "

Sarah Makin
An Introduction to Telecare and Telehealth


"The whole module was a brilliant learning lesson and very helpful"

Ibrahim Musa
Data Protection in the Workplace

"I have reviewed the E&D for Healthcare course and thought this was excellent. It was colourful, interactive and interesting and looks at both employment practice and service provision."

Rob Clapham
Equality and Diversity 

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