Delivering Flexible Training

to Healthcare Professionals

Additional Courses

This suite of e-learning courses has been specifically developed for those individuals and organisations involved in healthcare

Introducing Telecare and Telehealth

Having completed this e-learning course, learners will have increased understanding of telecare and telehealth. They will also have an increased awareness of how the adoption of telecare and telehealth will impact on the ways in which they work and what they can do to prepare for the changes it may bring.


Self Care

On Completion learners will have a broad knowledge of what self care is, have a basic knowledge of the seven common principles and be able to offer examples of how to support self care.


An introduction to Behavious change techniques

An Introduction to Behaviour Change Techniques

The aim of this module is to develop the learners' understanding of behaviour change techniques. It presents an overview of different approaches and explains the underpinning theory. Concentrating on two approaches, brief advice and brief interventions, this module also aims to develop the core knowledge and skills required for working on a range of behaviour change issues.


Pathways Through Pain

This course has been created to provide practitioners with information on how to support people with pain to self-manage. It aims to help practitioners understand the key steps in the Chronic Persistent Pain Pathway and ways to use them.

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