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Raising awareness of sepsis - Free resource pack

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A recent report written by Health Education England (HEE) into the current state of sepsis education and training for healthcare staff has highlighted serious issues about the understanding of the condition among healthcare professionals.

Sepsis is a life-threatening condition that, if not treated quickly, can lead to multiple organ failure and even death. There are 150,000 reported cases of sepsis in the UK every year, with 44,000 of these leading to death.


Despite the obvious danger that sepsis presents, it is commonly an avoidable and treatable condition if diagnosed quickly. Early identification is, therefore, crucial.

To help raise awareness of sepsis amongst medical staff, Virtual College has created a free resource pack which contains the following:

  • A facts and figures infographic

  • A summary of Health Education England’s report

  • 2 banners for your social media channels

To download your free resource pack, simply fill in the form on your right.

To find out more about the sepsis training we developed with The Uk Sepsis Trust click here.

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